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New practices in contemporary time
**Intensive Summer Course**

Milan Approach – Summer School

Intensive Summer Course

Milan Approach° is the name coined by Luigi Boscolo and Gianfranco Cecchin to define their practice in Systemic Family Therapy. An approach, to be considered such, must be embedded in ongoing changes. This is what we learned during the years, working side by side with Luigi and Gianfranco.

The present changes of Milan Approach are connected to the new worldwide social and cultural changes: bullying, migration and nomadism, new forms of violence, radicalism an terror, violation of human rights, new ways of making families, the increasing use of new drugs and gambling, giftedness, subject’s transformations, etc. Following Gregory Bateson, we learned to rediscover the importance of the body-in-relation (the Gregory-axe-tree system), which is embedded in different social and cultural codes.

During its fifty years of existence, the Milan Approach has bridged many “disjunctive syntheses” and has welcomed different ideas and clinical practices. Circular and reflexive questioning, and the claim: “Never fall in love with our hypotheses” are the instruments for transform therapy into a social practice.

Location: Milan: Centro Milanese di Terapia della Famiglia, Via Leopardi 19
Date: Monday July 1st – Saturday July 6th 2019 – From 9:00 am To 6:30 pm

The course will for 30 student (close number)

Inscription: Early inscriptions are welcomed:

  • Inscriptions Before 2019 March, 31st – 1500 €
  • From 2019 1st April to June 30th – 1800 €

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