Systemic Group Psychotherapy

At the Milanese Centre of Family Therapy, situated in Via Leopardi 19, Milan, there is an active team of Psychotherapists that address their efforts towards individuals who, for different reasons, find them-selves living an emotional and a relational discomfort.

What is Systemic Group Psychotherapy?

It is a particular system that connects persons between them-selves as well as to their own story so to render it harmoniously fruitful. It is a context that enriches experience and creates unique levels of freedom that enable the enhancement of one’s own resources. Curiosity, listening, the overcoming of prejudices, connections and integration are just a few of the premises with which we evaluate our approach to Systemic group therapy.

During Systemic group psychotherapy the persons involved increase their level of freedom due to their curiosity, a non-judgemental environment as well as the opening of novel observational view-points which may prompt reflections and more efficient solutions to be used in their lives. They integrate their knowledge, discover new understandings, increase their trust in their own potential and have a greater freedom of action.
The group is complexity, it is the coming together of different stories that intersect between one another all for the creation of a common story.
The group is simultaneously an experience of discussion as well as one of self-reflectivity that allows for the deconstruction of ideas that have been taken for granted. Ultimately, enabling the production of more functional descriptions in our present. It is the place of difficult, strong and unspoken emotions that need to emerge so to be defined or redefined and managed. Emotions become the starting point of knowledge, reflection and emotional growth.

The group strikes a chord when least expected, it is the coming together of relationships that connect to give life to a new story.

Systemic group therapy and/or management at the CMTF

The systemic thought has a privileged relation with the group regardless of whether it is a family or a work environment, a therapeutic or support group, etc. The importance and the efficiency of connecting more minds so more thoughts together and the increased value this connection enables has been thoroughly consolidated, almost across all contexts. Inevitably, revealing all the richness that emerges from a discussion between differences so that the whole becomes known to be more than just the sum of single parts.

The group, seen from a systemic stance without a doubt unveils novel levels of complexity. Learning to manage this complexity renders the experience of group therapy extremely profound and intense for all the participants.

The fluid guidance of a group requires a theoretical competence that is continuously refined through both education and experience. Indeed, this distinguished competence is fundamental for creating an interaction within the group and adjusting to its specific pace.

The topic-relevant courses offered by the CMTF utilise as much as possible an active didactic manner that calls its participants to act first-hand using experience and emotions as learning opportunities. This experiential component allows a refinement of one’s own sensibility as well as the methodology in it-self in a synergetic manner.

To who are the systemic group therapy courses directed to?

The courses that are periodically offered regarding this topic are directed towards psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, counsellors, family mediators, educators and operators of various social services so, anyone who in accordance with their title coordinate or manage support or help groups.

Enrolment and additional information

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