Relational Psychotherapy School

Relational Psychotherapy School

Degree awarding power obtained 24/10/1994

First biennial


  • Provide the basic knowledge of epistemology as well as the theory of complexity, the theory of living systems, the theory of differences and the systemic theory of human communication;
  • Introduce the students to the implementation of the systemic-relational approach with regards to human relations
  • Introductory comprehension of the psychopathological frameworks and clinical phenomena through the creation of hypothesis that stem from the context as much as from singularity;
  • Provide students with a unique sensibility that allows for both resonance, with the individuals involved in therapy, and hospitality;
  • Manage and initially master an anti-oppressive practice;
  • Allow for the acquisition of the methods of information gathering, the framework that guides the formulation of systemic postulation and the technique for the guidance of a clinical and therapeutic encounter.

Second biennial


The theoretical and practical training in the specific clinical modality followed by the institute in the second biennial holds the following objectives:

  • Develop the student’s knowledge of the epistemology of complexity, the autopoietic system, constructivist theories as well as anthropological and social theories that guide systemic clinical practice;
  • Concede the guided acquisition, through direct and indirect experiences, of clinical practice abilities with families, groups, couples and individuals;
  • Promote personal intellectual development, interpersonal relations, affective relations towards both the individuals attending therapy as well as other human relations.

Relational Psychotherapy School


The enrolment request for the CMTF headquarters in Milan must include the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A photocopy of charted membership (if already obtained)
  • A photocopy of one’s degree certificate
  • Two photos in passport format.

All the above mentioned documentation must be sent to the following email address within the dates established and realised by the administration of the centre in order to attend the admission interviews.


  • The annual fees are of 4.000,00 € without VAT tax.
  • The sum must be deposited in four instalments throughout each year of training.
  • Accident Insurance Policy and Public Liability Insurance fees for both those attending courses as placements are covered by the CMTF.
  • The enrolment fee is of 200,00 € VAT tax excluded and must be deposited at the time of the official enrolment of the first year of training.
  • The fee regarding the final exam is also of 200,00 € VAT tax excluded and should be deposited when officially registering for the later.


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00.
Phone: 02 4815350