During the morning of September 18th, the Milan Center for Family Therapy had the honor and the pleasure of hosting the visit by a group of colleagues coming from Norway.

Among them there were Nicoletta Businaro from Italy and Arlene Vetere from England (both of them are teaching at the VID Specialized University that organized the visit).

We had a 3 hour seminar on Violence in therapy, starting from the analysis of the case of Anders Breivik (a Norwegian serial killer), an article written by Luigi Boscolo several years ago concerning the Novi Ligure case of children that murdered the parents in Italy and watching a session of therapy concerning violence conducted by Pietro Barbetta.

The meeting was fabulous, very exciting and fantastic. We enjoyed it and learned from our “northern colleagues” as well and wish to thank them for having been here: in the hope to seeing them again.

See example intensive-group-course “The Milan Approach in Milan. New Practices in Contemporary Times.”

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